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J6 what an exciting year. Going from rippa to first-year tackle has been a big transition.  Our team of 14 players showed enthusiasm from their first training session to our last game.  As a team they have formed many friendships which shows how they play on the field.

They could not wait to start hitting the tackle bags at practice and “loved” those push-ups when not listening to the coach.

It’s been amazing to see how the team adapted so quickly to the coach not been on the field.   Once they knew where they were playing whether it be in the forwards or backs they knew what to do.  They stepped up when given roles by leading the backs and forwards.  It was great to see more than ½ our team scoring ties in some of the games.

Hato Petera soon became our home ground – the boys soon knew what playing retro rugby in the mud was like.

We are very thankful for Mike our ref, Phil our photographer and for Paul, Phil and Shaun helping out at training when required.

As coach and manager, it is great to see the support we get.    From getting the boys to practice and games and to hear the cheering from our sideline.  Thank you to all of the siblings, parents, grandparents and friends who turn up each week in all weather conditions.

Go the Cote – and hope to see you all back next year. 

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