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8 of 11 players returned from J8 to make up J7 Gold in 2018 so there was already a great spirit among the players, coach and parents. We warmly welcomed two new players, Georgia Donovan and Nathan Dunne and they both settled in seamlessly.

We started with a narrow loss to Northcote Maroon but you could already see the talent at our disposal. From there we backed up a number of wins on the trot, finishing the season with one draw, 3 losses and 10 wins, scoring 161 tries and executing 499 rips.

The highlights of the season start with the team. We have such a great bunch of kids who all supported each other and always took to the field with a smile. Next was the coaching. Matt has an amazing way of involving everyone in the game and ensuring they get their chance to shine. We aim to win but not at the expense of fun. Lastly, the parents; such a lovely bunch of genuine people. They willingly volunteered to be referee, statistician, stand-in coach, chef, water carrier and anything else required.  Tip for the season: If you are going to get up early on a Saturday morning, do it with people you like.

We ended the season wishing it were longer, and longing for J6 to start.  I really hope we can keep this group together.  We are becoming a proper family.

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