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J7 White saw 6 returning players and 2 new players in our squad of 8. With only 8 members they all got near 100% game time throughout the season.

The team was well backed up in support with our new Manager (Julia) and Ref (Aaron) and a very supportive and involved group of parents who made the season a lot of fun and who occasionally fronted for parent Bullrush.

Blake – always getting up in the line chasing those ever-elusive rips, strong runner and needed no prompting in chasing rips.

Teo – very high energy when focused and determined to find the try line, straight, sideways, backwards occasionally.

Matthew – fantastic in support play, always there following up and really determined, a huge improvement on positioning.

Chase – when on task was the hungriest player on the paddock, so keen to run the ball up that replacing Rips wasn’t even an option. Highest try scorer.

Thomas – very focused runner in the second half of the season, running straight meant just that. 

Sadie – held a position in the line for the team and was one of the highest ‘rippers’ due to her speed and determination.

Ethan – fastest in the team, the second half of the season saw the use of some excellent footwork that made him harder to catch.

Noah – tries, rips, diving rips, voluntary passes mid-play without prompting and playing with blisters and highest ripper for the team.

Coaches Summary – loved it, can’t wait for next year!

5 Wins, 2 Draws, 7 Losses.

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