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Before the first kick-off, this year was going to be a memorable one.  For some of the girls, this was their last year at the Club.

We were a mixture of Intermediate (8) and College (3) girls and wanted to be part of a team that would play an expansive style of rippa.  Whilst winning didn't come easy, the development and growth of the group was most important, from girls who had never played rippa before to the continuing improvements from the 3-year veterans was pleasing.

This combination would make watching the games week in and week out more enjoyable for parents, grandparents, siblings and friends, watching the girls having fun and learning while pushing themselves.

Training on Wednesday nights always had an element of humour thanks to the different personalities, with the exception of when they got annoying and wouldn't listen, they then got reacquainted with our team friend Malcolm.

We appreciate the ongoing support from all those who managed to make it to watch throughout the season.

Thank you Ursula for managing the team, from washing the jerseys to keeping track of tries scored and controlling subs and all the stuff that goes on behind the scenes.

Thank you to Damien, Ross and Geoff for refereeing throughout the season, I understand it is a thankless task and really appreciate your time.

Lastly, and most importantly are our girls (young ladies) who have been on the field giving their all each and every week. You have made all of us proud, not only by the way you play but also by the way you conduct yourselves on and off the field.  This speaks volumes about your individual integrity.

I am more than pleased with your individual growth during the season, the difference between our first practice game and our last game on Friday night was light-years apart.

Thank you, Graeme.

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