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What an awesome group of girls. You have done yourselves, your team and your club proud this season!

12 girls started the season and a team of 12 finished it.   Kim has done an awesome job bringing the team together and growing every players’ skills in such a fun way.  The team have all developed and improved so much and the confidence in ripping, passing, and setting up tries for each other is great to watch.

Big thanks to all our supporters this season, to the parents and grandparents, especially the grandparents for turning up every week to practice and the games regardless of the weather- thank you. You have all said how proud you are of the girls and how far they have all come this season.

Lexi, Isla-Coco, and Jaime our “mud warriors”, you took every opportunity to get your hands and faces dirty and make us all laugh, if not despair just before the games started! You made it up by playing like superstars.

Maddison with her amazing last-minute Rips an inch before the try lines! April with her super flying moves for the Rips. Toi, Mia and Jessie for your entertaining hip wiggles and side steps to avoid getting ripped and getting those Tries. Minna, Sophie, Bianca and Ivana for displaying awesome shows of teamwork, determination and powerful improvement over the season.

Special thanks to….

Brendon – (Isla Co-Co’s dad) for refereeing our games. Firm and fair.

Natasha (Maddison’s mum) bravely hosting a team sleepover. This was a great way for the girls to get to know each other off the field.

Emma for coach assistance to Kim and a chance to develop your own coaching skills.

Toni (Toi’s mum) for the extra set of hands on the field.

Keeley (Jamie’s mum) for doing the bottles.

Extra special thanks to Kim for all your hard and commitment to our team.

Here are some of the words the girls have used to describe their “Coach Kim”:

Kim makes Rippa fun : is the best coach:  is kind to us : makes us laugh : teaches us new skills : helps us get better : is always calm:  gives us all a chance to captain the team : we want to play next year!

As coach, team manager, parents and supporters, we have finished the season feeling so proud of all of you.

Kia Kaha Girls Under 9 Rippa Gold.

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