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With the joining of two great teams and the beginning of the season, I knew 2019 would be a great year.  Posting only 3 losses for the year, the boys should be very proud of their efforts.

I’m very proud of how the team have listened to James and I and have taken in everything we are teaching especially with their tackling. We started the year playing some great footy and have only gotten better as the year progresses.

The boys have made it hard at times for us to pick our player of the day and tackler of the day as most games. Which is great to see as they are only going to get better!!

With many special mentions I will do my best to thank them all in person, but without help from co-coach James, manager Samantha and Referee Aaron I could not have done it without you. Also a very special thank you to the parents for always getting the boys to training and the games. You are all Stars!!

I am excited to see what next year will hold for us.

A big thank you

Coach Damian.

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