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2019 provided J6 Gold with their first introduction to tackle. I am pleased to say they all stood up to the test. No shirkers, no hiding and nobody in A&E. Happy days. 

We beat some teams convincingly, enjoyed some very tight contests and were beaten well on a couple of occasions.  Some of those losses can absolutely be put down to the same formula that helped us win so well - Coach Matt worked on an expansive game, built on phase play, putting the ball through the backline, supporting the ball carrier and tackling with good technique.  Those skills will help this team develop into better players in the future, albeit the opposition may have found some gaps and weaknesses in the interim.

We conceded a few breakaways tries against the run of play, but that's the cost of developing the right skills. This approach however also led to a large number of excellent tries which brought proud smiles on the touchline. 

The supporters and parents behaved immaculately and were always there to help out. We were nervous about losing some great talent from last year, but the new lads have been fantastic and all added skills and heart. 

Special shout out to our youngest members, Charlie and Ezekiel who have really stood up.  Thanks, Jo for your unbiased and consistent refereeing, and Lauri for the great photos.  Well done to every player. Nobody wants this season to end. Thank you for bringing us such entertainment!

J6 Gold

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