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Wow, what a year! Half the team from last season and half new to rugby. The team took to training and games as if they hadn’t even had a summer break or were new to the game. The team consisted of 10 little characters who brought their own interpretation to the game, skill set, sense of humour and ideas on how to wind each other up.

The team have grown from strength to strength at each training and game, gaining confidence each week to step up and work as a team no matter what the result.

We had a lot of highlights during the season from a record rip haul of 44 in one game along with at least 12 turnovers all contributing to the team getting a great win. The team rallied together for the Snow White tournament to make the Plate final and agonisingly lost in golden point, it was a proud moment as a coach to see a group of 6-year-olds just give it everything and have fun.

The sportsmanship that these 10 little guys show each week towards each other is top-notch, even when they are calculating how to take each other out at training or on game day. J7 Fight club was a highlight from week 5 training when the coach wasn’t looking.

This team has been a pleasure to coach, they have shown me how to have fun, enjoy the game and really grow as a team.

Bring on 2020 for Tackle

J7 Gold

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