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Junior Parents

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I am so proud of J7 Maroon this year. While results often didn’t go their way, their enthusiasm didn't fade from the first training session to the last game, and they have given their all on the field each and every week which is all you can ask for.

The team has put in 100% effort, showing a willingness to improve and work together. As a result, we’ve seen huge development and growth from our players who had never played rippa before (approx. 60% of the team) and continuous improvement from our returning players.  It’s been awesome to see the kids all get a chance to shine … even if the weather didn’t, with heavy fog for our first few games!

A large team of 12 players meant a big team of supporters. Thank you to all the parents, families and friends who have been amazing, from helping manage subs on Saturday mornings (even brining along a subs bench to keep the kids in one place), referring, running drills at training (often in the rain), washing the jerseys, giving the kids lots of support and encouragement and making the season lots of fun.

Watching the last few games of the season it’s clear the kids are ready for the new challenges of tackle next year.

J7 Maroon

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