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It already seems so long ago that we held the first training session when a group of strangers met up for what was, for many, the first season of team sport. The players picked up the rules, drills and skills quickly and it was great to take a win in the first game.

J8 Black had a great season and it was really good to see the sportsmanship amongst the team, from volunteering to play for the opposition so everyone could play, to spontaneous encouragement of teammates and sharing the ball around.  It was really encouraging to see the player's confidence grow and the way none of them complained after being ripped.  We were lucky to have a good skill base across the team with the players learning from each other during the games.

Over the season we had seven wins, a couple of loses and two draws, where we took the spirit of good sportsmanship a little too far and scored for the opposition.

As the session progressed the games became faster with quicker rips and passes and team effort tries. We were starting to get turnovers on defence as we covered the field and the players were hungry for the next rip.

Off the field, it has been great to become part of the Cote Community.  It seemed that the only times we faced teams with as many players as our side was when we faced another Cote team.

After a fun first season, we are looking forward to J7 next year. Go the Cote!

J8 Black

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