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The mighty J8 Maroon.  That is a crew I will remember fondly for many years to come.  Full of potential future Black Ferns and All Blacks but more importantly really good kids. I couldn't have asked for a nicer team and to me, that has been the best part. Such a joy to coach!

The parents were also amazing and nothing but supportive of the team and their awesome kids.

I remember the first training session we had when I held up a rugby ball and half-joked 'This is a rugby ball which is a slightly different shape' and to be honest there were a fair few in the team to whom that actually was news.

But wow, when I think about how far the team progressed, especially over the first half of the season, I am quite blown away.  We went from struggling to run in the right direction to a team that showed many promising signs for the future.  The progress was outstanding and very rewarding to see.

And now we look to the future and I do hope to see you all back at Northcote next season continuing to learn new skills, to be part of a team and most importantly...to have fun!

This has been such an incredible year coaching J8 Maroon and I will always remember the call of the season....'Wide arms...wide arms!'

Wide arms maroon...

J8 Maroon

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