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When we first walked into Northcote to register we weren’t sure if we could tolerate the Aussie jokes!  But we took the risk and all 5 of us got involved, we threw ourselves in, Charlotte and Kate for U11 Rippa, Jimmy as coach and me, Amelia as manager.

The Northcote Rugby Club has been the making of us…. It’s the thread that’s held us together on the back of moving home to NZ.

You guys embraced all of us with our silly questions and our indecisiveness.

We didn’t realise how much passion is involved. Kiwi’s just love rugby right through to parents, kids, toddlers, grandmas and grandpas, men and women.

U11 Rippa Gold has undergone a transition from start to end. Every single player has strengthened both their skills and their team spirit.

There haven’t been many wins but when we pull it all together it is possible!

The highlight of the season was seeing our girls under lights on the Takapuna top field in the pouring rain giving it their all. And the video we took of them running out “like the All Blacks do”. Everyone deserves to feel like a star!

What a great bunch of fine young women you are becoming.

Hats off to our excellent team of parents with special mention to Sean, Jo and Rennae for their input.

To Northcote:

Thank you for teaching us about family rugby and what it means to be part of a strong, supporting club. We will be back!

Go “Cote U11 Gold”

U11 Girls Rip Gold

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