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Wow, what a year and what an amazing group of girls.  It has been a true pleasure to be coach, ref and manager for them.

These girls came together at the beginning of the season, not having been together the previous year, and instantly bonded and gave their all to the game.  We even welcomed two extra players into the team during the season with great ease which showed great sportsmanship and inclusion.

The girls have shown a huge amount of grit and determination throughout the season, playing against some more experienced sides and in some testing weather, but never once gave up.

Thank you all for sharing your amazing personalities with us and in particular thank you, Jess – for never giving up on the chase; Madi – for your speed down the sideline which was outstanding; Te Eiva – for your commitment to the game which is second to none; Phoebe – for your natural skill and ability; Ruby – for your energy and determination; Jaime – for your great team spirit and persistence; Manaia – for always giving 100% in every game; Minna – for always bringing your all to every game; April – for your gutsiness to get the rip; Sara – for your dedication and undeniable effort; Mia – for amazing stamina and endurance.

We couldn’t have asked for a lovelier team of girls to coach and manage. Hopefully, we will see some, if not all, of you lovely girls back next year.

Coach Tony and Manager Keeley

U11 Girls Rip Maroon

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