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What started as a conversation at a schoolyard pickup, led to the start of a new team, a new coach and 10 new players to the club.  The thirteen strong team was made up of girls from five different schools.

The girls quickly developed from their small groups to a close-knit team with loads of heart, competitive spirit and a sweet tooth.

Upon learning the ins and outs (rules) of the game, the team expanded their quick rip from one out running to a team that liked to spread the ball wide and work together as a team in their hunt for tries.

Their energy on the field is equalled when sidelined supporting their team at full noise.  

This new team has impressed, with some big wins and tight finishes, and it will be heartening to see this team build on their raw potential as they continue next year to contribute to the life of the Northcote club.

They have been a joy to coach, with a great team of supporters/parents who have banded together no matter the conditions.

A big thanks to Manager Elisha Hart and our team referee Patrick Fraser for their commitment and support throughout the season.

Cheers Mark Lendrum

U13 Girls Rip Black

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