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The season kicked off with a bunch of girls thrown together, some familiar, some new to the game but all keen to play and give 100%.

Everyone brought a special talent to make up a recipe for success and a little craziness with a number of wins, a few losses and we all learnt a lot along the way. But the best part was seeing bonds being made amongst them and the enjoyment they had every week.

We had a couple of tough games but with Shane's guidance, coaching and encouragement they figured it out, worked together and came out with some great wins. 'Teamwork' was our motto and the girls did an amazing job at executing it week after week.

I feel very lucky to have been a part of the team and met so many wonderful people, thank you to all the parents for bringing the girls to training and games every week, being a great support TO Shane and I and bringing treats to share after the game. Hope to see you all back at the Cote next season.

U13 Girls Rip Gold

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