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What a season, for those who blinked? It was all over just as it was beginning!

With only 6 games completed, we finished the season off with a hard-fought win having lost 4 of our previous 5 games in the last few minutes, often coming back and holding a narrow lead that slipped away in the dying minutes. As we were lucky to experience last year, we were flush with coaching staff and assistants, Damian, Geoff, James, Lyle, Jose and backed up as well by team Ref Malcolm.

Pushing in scrums this year proved to be a bit of a challenge with several of the boys having to fill in at the front row, a position that was new to them, but we held our own. As has been the case for this team for a few years, we were heavily backed up and supported by a great bunch of enthusiastic parents and supporters which have grown into friendships.

For players returning next year, we look forward to seeing your return at Northcote for what will likely be the final year for most of you. Sadly for those players who will be leaving the club and moving on to High School, from all the Coaching Staff and Parents we wish you all the best and look forward to one day seeing you playing at the highest of levels where we can sit back and take some small satisfaction that we got to work alongside you all in your younger years.

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