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J2 Maroon’s 2020 season started off with much promise.

We had a full return of players from the previous season, 2 players repeating J2 and 3 new players to the club from League. The league players took to rugby union like ducks to water!

We had a full squad, the experienced support from the previous season’s 2 Coaches and finally the beginning of a highly anticipated season to look forward to!

After a couple of wins in pre-season games, we were set up to have a great season. The official season started off with a game against Silverdale ending in a very tight loss. Unfortunately, in our third game of the season, two of the players were taken out of the game, one with a shoulder injury and a concussion. Then the team lost another player who was unable to continue playing due to a change of circumstances.

We went from 5 reserves down to 2 in the space of one game!

We’d like to acknowledge Peter Stratton, a first-time Referee, for his efforts. He kindly volunteered to Ref and this was very much appreciated. Thank you to the parents and supporters. The encouragement and sideline presence is absolutely essential for these players to enjoy the game, add in a bit of good humour and it makes for a fun season, short that it was.

We also want to acknowledge that this is the final year of club rugby for a majority of this team’s players and we wish them well for rugby experiences with their respective Colleges.

It would be awesome to see these boys grow and enjoy the game of rugby throughout their teen years and once again see them in Cote colours playing for the Seniors.

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