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Well, what an unusual rugby season 2020 turned out to be. It was great to have almost all of the team return from J4 Maroon to J3 Maroon and ready to have a great season of footy.

The introduction of contestable lineouts this year was a welcome challenge for the forwards as we stayed at 10 aside for another season. We started off trying to get the halfback calling where the hooker was to throw the ball before sensibly putting our tall timber at the front of the lineout and throwing straight to her!

It was a tough season to work on developing too much but our forwards did manage to perfect the pick and go and did a great job of protecting the ball and blowing over. The back division learnt about shutting down the space of the opposition on defence and getting the ball wide on attack first. There were even some lovely scissor moves which saw our centre carve up the middle of the field against the opposition defence.

Let’s hope we get to spend more time on the field in 2021!

James, Paul & Ian

J3 Maroon

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