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2020 The season that almost wasn’t....

Without grade day and a slightly shortened season, everyone arrived excited to finally have a rugby season starting. We had five new players join our team this year. By two games in it was great to see our players playing as a team and enjoying their rugby.

Our training consisted of continually improving on skills we had developed and learned new skills. We started splitting off into groups of forwards and backs at the end of our training before finishing with a mixed game made up of the team and Dads which was always met with enthusiasm.

Our games if not won were a close second and this year was possibly the most evenly matched grade, we have played in which made for some fantastic rugby to watch.

As a coach, I was extremely pleased and proud to see what was practised at training carried through to game day.

A special thank you to all the Parents, Grandparents, Friends and Pets of our team who turn up each week in support of our team. Your enthusiasm and cheering the players on regardless of the score creates a great atmosphere for the kids and adds to a great Saturday morning out.

A special thank you to our refs Paul and Vaughan and to all those who help out at training. Let’s bring on the 2021 season and we look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Go the Cote!!

J4 Maroon

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