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2020 – a season for the history books!

J4 White is like a family – brothers and sisters running around with a funny shaped ball – learning, having fun and developing the skills to not only play rugby but to play any team sport. The culture within this team is second to none – they take the field with pride in their maroon and gold and they represent the Cote with great attitudes and sportsmanship. When I think of our team, this is what I am most proud of them for.

This year, when everything has been so up and down, both on and off the field – players still turned up each week to training; on a cold, wet Saturday morning they turned up. Not a lot of rugby got played compared to a normal season but J4 White didn’t let that get them down, and despite a delayed start to the season and not too many wins under our belt, the kids did everything we asked of them each week with their heads held high. Wins, losses or draws mean nothing if you are not growing from them.

Thank you to the parents and supporters for the time you put into Ubering the kids to training and games, for trusting us to help your children grow and develop into budding future rugby stars and wonderful human beings. A great deal of thanks also to Shaan, our Coach, who has led this great group of kids for 5 years now. You see potential in every child, and they thrive on the belief you have in them. It is what has shaped this team into what they are today, and I cannot wait to continue to watch them grow as they move through the grades.

Trudy Newman

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