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That was the season that wasn't, then was, but then wasn't. More false starts than a men's 100m Olympic sprint final. From the season kick-off, it was more OFF than KICK. But we got in 6 games - all credit must go to the club for their tireless work behind the scenes to make that happen.

Those 6 games provided excitement, delight, surprises, disappointment, frustration and hope for the future. The team were excellent in their application during training and match days. They are such a great bunch of lads. The coaching reached a consistently high standard with Matt and Gareth drilling the guys with the disciplines that will support their development beyond this year. Jo was again our resident Johnny Cash, the woman in black, whistling her way around the pitch. The sideline supporters were a joy, offering positivity and encouragement to the troops no matter what the scoreboard read.

My report in 2020 is about gratitude. I’m grateful to be part of a club that truly cares about its members, be they players, supporters, managers, coaches or visitors. Happy to deposit six enjoyable games into the memory bank. Thankful for the support staff, committee and volunteers that do all the hard yards behind the scenes that allow us to get out there. From all the players, coaches, families and officials, a huge thank you for everything you have done this year. It is truly appreciated.

We'll be back next season. Let's hope the virus is not.

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