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J6 black was formed after the season had started to give kids the opportunity to have more game time. The first training
consisted of the boys being very reserved and doing things like falling down before hitting the bag during our tackling sessions. Our first game was a big test with the boys giving their all but being completely dominated.

Even though the boys had only just started to play together, the first game brought the best out of them and showed them what they needed to do to be able to compete. I am so proud that each and every single player committed more and more to every training session and gave their all game after game-winning half of our games until the season ended. Not only were the boys constantly improving, but they also started forming great relationships that showed up both on and off the field.

I would just like to give the boys and the parents a MASSIVE shoutout for showing both courage and determination during the season. I have no doubt that the boys were 10 fold better than when they started and I look forward to them playing together again next season. Get low boys!!!

J6 Black

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