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Unfortunately for the kids of J7 Gold, it was a shortened season. Luckily for the rest of the J7 competition, they managed to avoid playing this great little Rippa team.

The kids practised hard and played hard. Their development was impressive to watch as the season progressed. They all showed the ability to understand their roles on the field and to never give up competing hard for rip after rip.

If Georgia wasn’t running the length of the field to score a try it was Indie. If Harlow wasn't running straight at the opposition hard-and-fast into contact our Captain Marlon was there to support him to take the ball forward. Ihaia was weaving in and out looking for the try line time after time and his best mate Leo was right behind him the whole way. Charlie always got those rips when they were needed most. While Joel and Harry were a menace to the opposition when the ball was tucked under their arms and they were heading for the try line.

Although Stina's season finished early with an injury she continued to support her teammates and it was on photo evening when she showed up, the cast on a leg, and I watched her teammates help carry her up the stairs so she could be in the team photo. It was a true example of what it's like when you play for Northcote.

Go Cote!

J7 Gold

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