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The Cote J8 Gold team are a bunch of legends!! For a group of newbies thrown together and added to over the course of the season, we had great results. Not just some resounding wins, but more importantly the team learnt some basics of rippa rugby (the coach says hopefully!) and that the best measure of success in a team sport is how much fun everyone is having.

Across the team, we had some players who are destined for the great success at the highest levels of rugby in 15 years,
some that can run rings around anyone when they decide to stop chatting and get in the game and others who are perhaps hiding their rippa talents and will choose when they might release them!

A word of advice for next year’s J8 crop - the best way to score a try is to forget to put your tags on... works a treat...

See you next year for a proper season!

J8 Gold

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