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Our girls were so excited about Rippa this year, many of them reuniting with old friends from the Under 9s team.... they were excited for the slight expansion of skills to develop, including the new skill of kicking the ball, to create more interest in their games.

Despite the season being cut short, the girls have given it their all. All of the girls contributed immensely this year in their combination of rips, and tries, but most importantly in their Cote Spirit; always keeping positive and having fun.

We would like to thank Sean Parangi for being an amazing coach. He has taught the girls some amazing skills in the time we had, in addition to some great skills in sportsmanship, resilience and perseverance when on the field. They have all loved coming to practise with Sean to learn new skills; the most exciting one has been the pirouette!

It has been a short but fun season fuelling the passion for Girls Rip Rugby when they all come back in 2021.

U11 Girls Rip Gold

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