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Our year started with a lot of excitement with a lot of girls keen to join. We had a big squad but what struck Geoff and I the most was just how well all the girls got on with each other. There was not a moment, at any time, throughout the season, at training, before during or after the game that the girls were not talking.

Training and games always achieved multiple goals of playing Rip Rugby and hanging with the team. We had a lot of talented players in the team and every girl had their own strengths. But even better was the desire to improve that little bit more. To learn some new things to take them to a higher level of the game. The real trouble we ran into was giving everyone enough game time as everyone on the sideline was ‘prompting’ us to sub them back on within moments of coming off.

I have to acknowledge the extra effort the girls put in by coming to the extra training, though we never really got the chance to take all those skills onto the field it was great to see them being performed.

It was unfortunate to have such a disrupted and short season and I would like to acknowledge Catlin and Emma. This was their last season to play and with all their talent and passion they were denied it. For the rest, Shay, Jewel, Jane, Chanel, Kacie, Charlotte, Rebecca, Camryn, Kiana and Leena – I am looking forward to seeing you again next year.

Darrin Robertson

U15 Girls Rip Maroon

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