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Despite disruption, we all really enjoyed our Rippa season this year with the girls getting better and better with each game. Every week we had a new work on with our training that we wanted to flow through to the games and as the season progressed so did our catch pass and straight running. The girl’s enjoyment was increasing all the time as our games became more fluid and the skills became more natural.

Our team seemed to rise to the occasion when we were faced with a bit of adversity!! Namely: starting our game with a few players down at North Shore in Devonport (Lake Road traffic) and battling the elements in Massey our best games played at (in good hard rain).

It was great to see the girls dig deep and really embrace the challenges.

Big thanks to all the lovely parents for helping out and stepping up when needed- Special mention to Dave Webb who was an awesome step in Manager and of course super coach, organiser and all-round good guy Dave Hurst.

Wayne McEntee

U9 Girls Rip Maroon

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