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As the 2020 season was cut brutally short due to the pandemic, J3 White assembled at the start of 2021 hungry to get some substantial game time under their belts.

As always, the team were motivated to keep learning and continue the development that they have worked oh so hard on over the last few years. The improvements on the field, in both skill and maturity, has been a pleasure to be a part of.

Most often we were outsized, and or outpaced as we encountered some very well-developed opposition. This did nothing to dampen our commitment and resolve, with a handful of hard-fought wins, and the team remaining (for the most part) extremely competitive in the losses that we suffered.

Our speciality has always been in and around the breakdown, and I am pleased with the team’s continued improvement in this critical area. What was more pleasing were the structural improvements the team developed throughout the season, encouraging more coordinated use of the ball out wide. Great signs for full-field rugby in 2022!

Our team displayed a huge amount of maturity and fabulous sportsmanship throughout the season, giving 100% effort at all times, allowing them to perform well above their weight.

A massive thanks to Glenn for providing his refereeing expertise to our team again, we all know what a big impact great refereeing has on a game, thanks mate!

Trudy, our manager extraordinaire, you always go above and beyond for our team. You have played a very big role in achieving the team dynamic that we are so lucky to enjoy. I can’t thank you enough for all of your efforts over the years!

To our parents and supporters, we can’t thank you enough for your ongoing commitment and support. Our players have come a long way throughout their rugby journey, and you have all been there supporting and encouraging them the entire way. Thank you.

And finally, I want to thank my amazing group of players. They turn up week in and week out with the right attitude, 100% commitment to their team, with the highest level of respect for the entire J3 White family. As their coach, it has been a privilege.

On to J2 Full Field next year.

J3 White

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