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We nearly did it. So close yet so far. We'll take quality over quantity, and we saw plenty of quality this year. The results didn't match the gameplay at times, but when we were on, we were really on. The lads have grown together and the coaching has really helped them to enhance their skills from the half-pint season in 2020.

We are starting to see real combinations, controlled aggression in the rucks, balls fizzing out from the first five to the wing and some hard running lines and angles that Pythagoras would be proud of. We have even tried a few kicks, for better or worse. Our tackling needs constant work to meet the high standards the lads have set for themselves.

Our last game against North Shore epitomised our season in many ways - we started strong yet found ourselves 3 tries down after 5 minutes. We brought it back to 6 tries each as we showed true grit after a stirring half-time talk. We lost 6-9 after 3 more breakaway tries, but we were still on the attack as the final whistle blew – the lads never give up.

We left the ground to hear that the first Covid-19 Delta case was found in Devonport. Let's hope we can punt this virus into touch for next season. Well done to the players for all your effort and commitment. Thanks to all the supporters and to the committee. And to the coaches – keep doing it like Frank Sinatra – your way.

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