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This was our second year as a team with the addition of a few players to help bolster our squad.

The benefits of playing together started showing up a lot quicker this season as the boys stepped up to a new level and showed great heart and determination in just a few games in which they carried throughout.

Halfway into our season, the boys rewarded themselves for their great efforts by winning the Bowl Cup in the Ron Williams tournament. That proved to be another turning point where the boys knew they were able to challenge the great teams by wearing their hearts on their sleeves.

It was such a great season and I am so proud of the boys and also all the parents who always support and cheer for the team no matter what! A very big thanks to Bugs who came in as a side-by-side coach and offered the boys another dynamic that certainly propelled us in the correct direction.

Looking forward to next year!

J5 Black

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