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Junior Parents

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After a short 2020 season, the hope was always to get as many games in 2021 as possible and to work with the team to build on the successes they had achieved through the previous season. And 2021 didn’t fail to deliver. With 10 commanding wins and 2 close losses, the team did themselves extremely proud. Their constant growth on the field has been incredible to watch and be a part of.

Shaan has taken every practice and worked hard with the team to build their confidence and knowledge of the game to a point where you sometimes forget they are only in their second season (well really only 1 and a half seasons) of tackle rugby.

Tackling and competitiveness at stealing the ball at the breakdown have been the strongest qualities and areas of improvement over the season, with every player actively being involved in solid defence by the last couple of games.

Protecting our ball at the breakdown with strong blowing over and bridging has also become part of this team’s speciality. The passing of the ball through the backline has developed beautifully and we had all desperately wanted to see what improving skill set would have looked like in the last couple of games of the season. But this wasn’t to be, so as we always say at this time of year, bring on the next season!!!

The team have played with guts and determination throughout the year, but most importantly they have played with massive smiles on their faces and maintained an incredible amount of sportsmanship and maturity beyond their years.

Our thanks to Jeremy who put his hand up at the beginning of the season to referee the games and proved himself to be one of the best junior referees you could hope for, which is incredible given his passport! His clear communication made a massive impact on all the kids involved and ensured everyone knew what was happening on the field.

To our parents and supporters, we thank you for your ongoing commitment to this team, ensuring the kids are at practice and the games on time and ready to go. To those that have filmed and shared the team’s games with others that were not able to attend, this has been incredibly kind and a wonderful opportunity for everyone to watch the team in action, and we thank you.

And finally, Shaan and I want to thank this wonderful team. The joy we get from spending a cold and sometimes wet evening with them at training to the excitement of the Saturday morning game cannot be described. They show us an incredible amount of respect week in week out. They play with heart every week and it is a privilege to spend this time with them all.

Well done J5 White and thank you!

J5 White

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