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Our season began with lessons on: where our mouthguard goes, what a tackle is, how to form a scrum and we are all in the same team, so let’s leave each other alone!

With a team of players either new to rugby, tackle or team sports we are so proud of each and every one of our players for the individual improvements they have shown. Five of them had not played any form of rugby before this season and you would be hard-pressed to point them out now.

We have enjoyed every minute of the season, even if Tash always seemed grumpy (haha). We have seen some big hits, great tries, respectful questioning of the referee, awesome sportsmanship, a bit of mud and lots of chocolate!

Thank you to all our parents and families for the support shown throughout our first season as a coach/manager team. In particular Santi and Phil for putting their hands up to referee and John for helping out at training and on the sideline.

We hope to see everyone back next season and look forward to seeing what you can achieve!

Tash and Noush

J6 Gold

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