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J6 Maroon, it was a great privilege to coach you boys this season. Despite the fact we didn’t win many games, what we loved the most was seeing the huge improvement across the team as the season went on. That last game against Taka when we finally got our first win (well we think we won, no one was totally sure of the score) showed just how far we came from the start of the season to the end. We were very new to the whole tackle thing and half of us hadn’t even played in the rippa grades so to show such growth was the most exciting thing for us.

Also just wanted to say that off the field we thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you guys and what a great bunch of kids you all are. What stood out was despite the challenges you always knew how to have fun! We loved the energy and humour!

Speaking of energy and humour, we couldn’t write a summary of the season without mentioning our supporters. We might not have been the best team in terms of our rugby-playing ability but we definitely had the best, most vocal, energetic bunch of sideline supporters you could ask for.

Stafford Park was always a hive of activity on Wednesday afternoons too!

Hope to see you all next season J6 Maroon! Thanks for another season of great memories!

Sven & Jono

J6 Maroon

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