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The spirited J7 Gold Dragons came together this season excited to get stuck in after a less than desirable season last year due to COVID. There was a mix of returning players and newbies to the squad, but what a cool team of kids this was!

Over the season it was great to see the team begin to really understand the fundamentals of the game. There were a number of standout performances, but nothing beats the freezing cold morning in July when the team tore apart Takapuna from the first minute to the final whistle.

It’s clear that many of the squad are going to really enjoy tackle rugby next year!

It’s been great to see the team grow together and not only develop their skills on the field but grow together off it also. Thank you to our superstar lineup of Harry the hurricane, Riley the ripper, Cruz the Cote crusher, Rebecca the Racer, Indie the Lighting bolt, Caleb the Confident, Amazing Arty, Wild Noah, Casey the Cowboy and Kingston the Rip King. It’s been a wicked season! Thanks to our amazing parents and supporters also.

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