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I met half this group of youngsters when I started coaching their older siblings 4 years ago. Watching from the sidelines all those years ago has helped as they picked up the ball and the game training 1 and never looked back. We have been joined by a few newbies to rugby who have taken to the game with passion and all grown along the way, each of the kids grew individually each week and at different speeds.

They loved the passing worm, run the gauntlet but they most enjoyed Bullrush and ripping each other. This generally ended in a who could scream the loudest from the girls.

Lots of great Tries, Rips and Try saving rips have been made by all the players no matter their ability for the game.

There were 9 individuals on the paddock who joined forces each week to team up to have fun and support each other, they have a great passion for supporting each other.

Running around with the little ones is so much fun and they really know how to have fun playing rugby as a team. You get so much out of seeing their smiles at training, during the game and after the game.

I look forward to taking these youngsters into next season and growing on their skills from 2021.

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