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This season the boys faced the challenge of playing some much bigger teams this year and found new levels within their skills. Finishing the season against Takapuna in our final game, showed the significant improvement we made from the start of the season.

For many, this was their first season of rugby, and it was great to see the smiles amongst the team shared over spectacular tries, outstanding rips and a solid number of wins.

What a great team, from Harry who always turned up with a great attitude, and always worked hard on the field, to Mason who much like Road Runner, would almost spin for a moment then shoots off leaving the opposition for dead.

Brodie started off the season with one of our teams first tries and continued throughout with a strong season and a great attitude. A nice surprise was to see Asha develop so well in his first season, building some great style, ball handling and consistent tries. Luke continued his role as the ninja often foiling the opposition attempts leaving them confused at how he got past them.

Thomas with his classy sleight of hand and sidestep, then to Marak who always showed up with determination, and solid performance. Van, you certainly have grown as a player throughout the season, I hope you enjoyed it.

Carlos always used the full width of the field to outflank his opponents, and certainly kept the scorekeepers pens busy. Another outstanding season well done.

Matthew, you were always in the right place in the field, with a solid scoring record also, hope you had an enjoyable season.

It was a pleasure to have you boys in the team, and an enjoyable season of Rippa in 2021 hope to see you all next season!

U13 Boys Rip Maroon

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