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Junior Parents

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This year has been a huge learning curve for us all!

Our team was a mixed bunch from various teams with many of the older girls moving up to under 15s. We organised some fun activities during the season to help with team bonding and the girls really started to come together and work with each other's strengths. I have loved getting to know them all with their very unique personalities. They came to practice with lots of opinions and requests and had a great time (except when they had to do hill runs...lol).

It has been amazing to see the different ways that each girl has improved, either skill-wise or in confidence to run with the ball or communicate with their teammates. I was particularly proud of the leadership skills that were becoming very evident in many of the ladies by the end of the season. At the end of the day, no matter whether we won or lost, my goal for the team was always to play hard for their teammates and to continuously strive to learn new skills and improve. I feel like they did this.

For myself, it was my first year coaching. I have learnt a lot throughout the year from other coaches, the parents in my team and the girls. I was lucky enough to have an amazing group of co-coaches with Sean Parangi stepping in whenever he was able to, and Cody Beale who came on board soon after the season started. I was also blessed with the most amazing manager Lou Haira! Such an enthusiastic, organised and vocal support to myself, the girls and to the parents as well. I wanted to say a HUGE thank you to those three and to the rest of the parents and families for your awesome support throughout the year.

Cody: I just want to thank the Under 13 girls and the amazing coach (Pam) and manager (Lou) for letting me be a part of the team. You guys have left me with a chapter that I want to keep open and develop my coaching skills.

To the girls, you are all a bunch of talented players in your own way and to see where you have come from at the start of the year to now has just been a blast to see. I wish all the girls who are going to high school good luck and to keep in contact with each other because the team we have now will always have each other's backs.

t was a privilege to coach you girls and to work alongside Pam and Lou.

U13 Girls Rip Gold

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