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We were blessed this year to have our very own full-time ref and coach to support our girls. Tony got a break from running training and reffing - but didn't really get a break from running as our team stepped up and had him chasing them all over the field!

We are so thankful to Chris for stepping up to the coach, giving our girls a great understanding of the skills and tactics required to really compete in their grade. His calm and considered approach really made coaching a collaboration with our girls explaining to each other what worked and didn't work after each game.

Huge thank you to both Tony and Chris from all of us. This season we had a team that pulled together and with support from each other and coaching were able to confidently turn up and challenge at games. The brick wall was created as part of our training plan... putting a spin on creating great defence, and that was the call for many weeks as it became a habit on the field. We had some fun at the beginning of the season as parents joined in training ... two very enthusiastic Dad's in Simon and Don who were at every practice either participating, running alongside or just being there and a couple of little brothers who would join the end of training each week, Jackson and Tapena would fill in to make up the end of training quick game team numbers.

Sophia, Maya, Kiani, Kaia joined - each of them bringing enthusiasm, speed and Kiana and Kaia bringing some tag skills showing our girls how to step.

We are finally starting to be able to tell Mia (aka Yellow Boots) and Sara apart and were glad we didn't lose Sara to tackle halfway through the season. We can always rely on these two to support us through the whole game.

Cap... our steady doer and top rippa of the season stepping up and with Chris' support leading the team. Hannah continued to show there is no stopping her when she gets a runaway and Caitlyn with her amazing swivel hips.

Kayla found her confidence this year and was ripping up the middle of the field and Manaia built on her knowledge of the game to find her position on the field.

Eva's legs continue to grow and her speed at getting rips all over the field saw her come in only a few rips behind Cap.

Thank you team for such an awesome season, we have all loved watching your progress from the sidelines and your vocal Mama's will be there again next season to cheer (not yell) and can't wait to see our future Black Ferns continue to develop.

U13 Girls Rip Maroon

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