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With only eight of our girls returning from last season, it was clear early on that it was going to be a struggle for numbers. The usual winter chills and ills, along with other commitments, meant it was going to be a constant battle to have the whole team at games and training, but training as a group with the other girls rip squads was a bonus.

For the most part, we picked up where we left off last season. Jewel led the team by example, her never give up attitude complimented by great evasive skills and strong kicking game. Kacie’s anticipation, along with her determination, created some great tries out of nothing from all over the field. Chanel’s speed and skill set, along with her competitiveness, made her hard to stop, but equally as difficult to evade. Leeana showed excellent timing and stood her ground well on defence, particularly against more confrontational teams. Camryn ran some stunning straight lines onto the ball resulting in some fantastic tries. Along with her determined running, Shay brought her incredible character back to the team. Rebecca’s acceleration caught defences napping and she scored some awesome long-range tries. Jane supported well out wide, and her defence was simply amazing, making numerous rips to save tries as the last defender. Kiana had a powerful kicking game and her bombs often resulted in turning defence into attack.

We would also like to give a huge thanks to the girls from our other rip teams who helped bolster our numbers when needed, we really appreciate your contribution!

U15 Girls Rip Maroon

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