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Our first year at U15 and we played some outstanding games.

We lost to Silverdale but things are going to start well with no one there 10 minutes before kick-off. But the second-half turnaround was fantastic to watch unfold. Silverdale was a good team but worried as they realised they may be the victim of the greatest comeback of Rip history.

Our next big game was against the Massey mixed team. There was the worry about playing boys but this time we prepared well, took the field with focus and blew them away with five quick tries. They tried to come back but the girls kept the pressure on and didn't back down as the game got a little more confrontational. What was the key to the day was the self-management, leadership and support they provided each other on the field.

Soon we came up against our biggest challenge, the Northcote Black team. Black took it out by just one try but it was anyone’s game. Again the girl's strength was some self-management on the field. They worked out what and how the Black team were scoring tries and talked and set out how to stop it. They showed innovations and planning to score their own tries which mixed it up and keep the opposition worried.

I'm not sure the girls will even need Rhys and myself back again next season.

Paris and Ruby, what brilliant step-ups in contributions to the team game this year. Emma, your growth in confidence, putting yourself in the right place at the right time. Jordan and Madi, your work rate, presence and vocal support on the field kept the pace of the game in our favour. You also provided DJ help to point out my ref’ing 'mistakes'.

DJ, is not just a great runner now but someone who links with others creating endless opportunities. Bella has wonderful defence and wonderful covering. Talia, when you were able to play you always brought your A-game and girls rallied around you. Oliva and Isobel, we asked that you take on more leadership which you did perfectly and became our core strength as a team this year.

Our season was sharply cut short and we weren't able to finish as we planned and ensure you knew that we all thoroughly enjoyed watching you play.
It really is an entertaining sport.

U15 Girls Rip White

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