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The sign of a good season is when the end comes too soon.

J2 Gold has had a special year. The results (7 wins, 5 losses) don't reflect what this team has achieved. Individually and collectively, the team got better every week, gaining confidence, moving forward in defence, and spreading the ball wide as the season progressed.

As coaches, we worked on various skills during the year, catch-pass-tackle-etc, all improved without a doubt. However, what made this year special for this group was their teamwork, determination, toughness, friendship, and enjoyment.

It was great to be able to play a full season of rugby again, and we couldn’t have done it without the support of our players’ parents and supporters; ferrying the team around North Harbour, holding a hit shield or touch flag, and always staying positive on the sideline. We welcomed Xavier and Ximon to the team, as well as several players who chose to stay in J2 for another year – we were thrilled to see them thrive and really enjoy their rugby.

To our Year 8 players, we wish you all the best for high school and hope to see you back in Cote colours again one day! To our remaining Junior players, have a long, fun summer - we look forward to welcoming you back next year for another great season!

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