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The Gold family gets stronger every year. 2022 saw the core group of J5 Gold return, we had two newbies and two from the previous season’s J4 Maroon join us to make our return to the paddock. We were joined but a timely addition of 1 from across the ditch later in the season, which helped bolster the number for a season where we struggled for numbers each week.

This season was all about building on the momentum of 2021 and further developing a cohesive team game. The boys turned up each week for training with vigour, drive and a tenacity to learn how to play the game better, using their individual skillsets and uniqueness to play as a team no matter what stood in front of them each week. I saw a group of lads gradually step it up from game 1 to game 14, improving every week. There was always a smile on their faces, even when they were completely gassed at halftime. We took the positives out of each game and focused in on honing their skills and focusing on the work-ons for the next game.

The boys played for each other every week and showed great sportsmanship toward each other and the teams they played. This season the guys learnt about team comradery when they played a game in memory of Granny Alison in support of Roo and Chase.

My favourite moment of the season was refereeing a game where they scored 3 team tries via 10-man mauls and 2 amazing tries going through almost every pair of hands. The team celebration brought a smile to this coach’s dial.

It was a great pleasure to coach these lads for the 5th year.

Looking forward to 2023 and taking them forward further in their rugby careers.

J4 Gold

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