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J5 Gold started with some new beginnings. Two teams from the previous season combined, with the three imports helping form a pretty neat team. A new Cote member was added, with Coach Tash having a baby halfway through the season and leaving the team in the hands of Noush and John who were pretty happy to see her return two weeks later. We thank Noush for giving up her time and supporting her sister with coaching and keeping the nephew in line, and John for being a great coach and leader, bringing his knowledge and experience to every training and game.

The training was held in the pit, which was the happy place for the coaches with the beautiful hill that the boys quickly learnt to dislike whenever making those annoying Tik Tok sounds unless you were Joel, who just wanted to run all day long.

This season was one to remember. The boys all shone in their own special ways. There was slick hair Harbour poster boy Messam always putting on a good show. Kamakazi Liam who took on anyone and with some great butt tackles. Joel, our smallest who just dominated in the breakdowns and sneaky runs. Sid was the shy guy who became the little pocket rocket from the scrums. Harlow was the bulldozer who preferred to run over the opposition instead of around them. Juke is the quiet guy who became the defence legend. Big grin Austin who never stopped smiling. Harry, who the boys named as the born-again child at Mahu after scoring 3 tries in 10 minutes. Nate, the niggler who was always in there causing a nuisance. Spencer, the silent speed demon. Jaxon, who was in competition with Messam for best hair-do and made massive improvements. Beckham, who slotted into the team like he was there all along. And Tama, who became the legend of “give us some Tama” scoring tries having half the opposition hanging off him.

Thank you to our parents, who supported us week in and week out and made the sideline a great place to be with all the one-liners. Thank you to Jeremy for refereeing.

On behalf of Tash, Noush and John, thank you, J5 Gold, for a very enjoyable season. Bring on 2023.

J5 Gold

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