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This was the second year of tackle for J5 Maroon, and we were able to retain the majority of the players from the previous year. We did have a few new players join the team – Noah, Seth, Simi, and Caleb, who all slotted in perfectly.

Our Friday night training sessions kicked off with the addition of a new assistant coach, Matt Lees. There was a focus on working together as a team as well as retaining possession, tackling technique, bridging, turning over the ball at the ruck and supporting their teammates. Positions were established in the team, and the players began to adapt to their new roles.

The season was a tough one, and we didn’t get many wins in the bag, however, the players all showed huge improvement throughout the season and a lot of heart. The final game of the season against Kumeu, who had previously beaten us earlier in the year, was a highlight, with the team taking the win 22-5. The boys were ecstatic to end the season on a high.

The team were involved in the J5 Ron Williams tournament this year which was a great experience to be a part of, albeit tough on their bodies and with several injuries to boot. Despite this, the boys had a great time and are keen for the next one.

A massive thanks to all the parents and supporters for all you do throughout the year, from ensuring the players are at every training/game to the halftime oranges, subs coordination, cheer squad and jersey washing. Without you, we wouldn’t have a team.

We look forward to seeing all the J5 Maroon team members back again next year so we can pick up where we left off! #lovethecote

Carly, Andrew, and Matt

J5 Maroon

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