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J6 Gold started as a new team of 9, then in the pre-season trading period, quickly grew to 11 players as we lost one player and gained three from a dissolved team. This was in every way a fortuitous decision by the Club. Not only did we get 3 of our best players, but we also avoided numerous defaults in a season beset by flu and the dreaded Covid!

The progression of the team in the early season was astonishing - the boys learned the game quickly and began to build tackling confidence. Running with the ball was never a problem! As the season progressed and we moved on from basic skills, the coaches really enjoyed the challenge of finding drills to unlock some slightly more structured play. We certainly didn’t always get it right come game time, but with repetition and the enthusiastic and appreciated input from the other parents, we did start to see glimpses of “the beautiful game” emerging. Some passes even went to hand!

Seeing the kids have breakthrough moments and “clicking” with the game has been an incredibly rewarding experience, as has been part of the rugby community - the team, parents, supporters, and Club. The number of extended families and friends that have come to watch the boys has been amazing, and I know they’ve enjoyed the fantastic games. The team are already looking forward to coming back next year for another crack!

J6 Gold

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