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Junior Parents

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Well, well, a full season … three years in, the first year of tackle, and the team quite literally revelled in every game!

The core of the team (and management) came through from the Maroon rippa grade, and to this, we added a few newbies, stragglers and strays. If we could bottle it and sell it, we would - we had that Cote spirit feel-good factor all year! Everyone played their role and, whenever needed, played one or two other roles too. Whether standing in as coach, ref, sideline game manager or tear wiper and hugger, your efforts are appreciated. A huge thanks also goes to a great group of supportive and encouraging family and friends who were there week-in-week-out through the season.

As for the players and their efforts and growth through the season, the game results speak for themselves; winning most (gut feeling having not kept an accurate score!), losing a couple of close games and suffering only one ‘resilience builder’ (aka an absolute towelling). To say the coaches are proud of each and every player for what they brought to the team and game day would be an understatement and certainly a pleasing outcome after the first few trainings, which at best could only be described as semi-organised chaos!

The best players didn’t make this team. The team made the best players, so let’s go, the 2023 Honey Badgers!

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