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2022 saw 7 of the original J8 Gold team return for another season of Rugby, four newcomers joined us to the Gold Family. The returning players took to the paddock as if they never left it and with steam early. The team got around the new players and taught them the ropes from last year. It’s amazing what the kids can do being another year older.

We had a good mix of talent and skill in the team and a very keen willingness to learn and develop new skills for this group of bandits.

This year the team welcomed Jack to the coaching ranks. He brought his skills, confidence and inarguable love for the game to teach the team of 11. Jack’s easygoing, gentle nature helped him to connect with the little ones, he guided many of the team through skills focusing on those who needed help more to help grow their confidence.

Every week the little ones always had a smile on their faces at training and during games, no matter the result after the games.

As a coach, it has been a great pleasure to watch the growth of the 11 individuals who came together as this team, in particular, the newbies to the team, as they grew each week. I got to share in a great number of fun moments, share my love for the game and try to teach them the fundamentals of rugby and how to have fun playing it. My favourite moment was watching them celebrate team tries and with their teammates.

Big shout out to the mums and dads who made sure the kids got to training, ensured their gear was cleaned, and they turned up in maroon and gold every Saturday. Without these good folk, the team wouldn’t be. Thanks to Clare for stepping up as Camp mother to the team this year and her trusty statistician Emelia.

Bring on 2023 for tackle.

J7 Gold

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