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After the truncated 2021 season due to the impact of the pandemic, J7 Maroon came back to pre-season training full of energy and excitement for the season ahead. The playing group, coaching and management staff remained intact from the previous year bringing continuity and cohesiveness in both attack and defence. The work on basic skill sets through the J8 season had started to pay dividends, and the forward pack had developed a physical edge over the summer. From the first game, it was clear that J7 Maroon would be a formidable force through 2022.

The team had a renewed focus on defence led by some of the most proficient ‘rippers’ in the game. Jerome and Max proudly defended middle channels pushing opposition teams into low percentage plays out wide. Our strike weapons feasted off the quick turnover ball, with speedster cousins Hudson and Zoe finding space in disorganised defence. Lachie, Vinnie and Ollie contributed across the field with some outstanding interplay and great individual tries. Rory also stood out, finding his mojo with direct running with ball in hand, while George and Olly S. continued to box well above their weight.

By the end of the season, it was great to see the friendships and team culture develop. This group absolutely love playing together in maroon and gold, and many of the team are clearly ready to start ripping into the tackle grades.

Rich and Ben would like to once again thank all the parents and supporters for all the help throughout the year, and look forward to seeing you all again next season.

J7 Maroon

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