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The Premier 2’s had another very successful season, with 1st round honours and back-to-back North Harbour titles.

The team had the best attacking and defensive record. Our major theme for the season was “DEFENCE” and this won our games.

The playoffs were heart-stopping—in the semifinal against Massey, we won the game in the last minute (JR), and in the final against North Shore we successfully defended our line for the final 15 minutes. Great effort men.

The highlight of the year was the teams’ cohesive culture, unity and camaraderie. Captain Josef Foley (Player of the year) kept the team focused on achieving its championship-winning goal throughout the season. Coaches Trevor Snookes and Jason Alexander blended together a very effective unit of younger and experienced players, losing only one game. Players were always dedicated and respectful and always ready to give their personal best. Manager Devine Hadfield was non-stop at trainings and on game days, and Simon Dobelle was at his best organising team social activities (when he wasn’t playing golf). Our physios, Charlotte and Seth, were always part of the team culture and looked after the players.

The team thanks Tex Tilby and Paul Barnard for their generous sponsorship. It also thanks Rex Industrial, Recreational Services, and Sue and Anna Mayhew at Bayleys.

Well done all. Let’s go back-to-back-to-back.

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