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Coaches Joe Kurukaanga and Mike Noble were back along with Rahul Das to make up the coaching team for 2022. Team Manager Brad Boult assisted them, Assistant Manager Conor O’Leary, and Physiotherapists Josh Ferguson, Seth Chambers and Charlotte Young.

The season proper started on 2 April with a win over Mahurangi and ended on 9 July with a semi-final loss against Takapuna, ranking the Northcote Premier 1 team 4th overall. In between, there were 14 games with 7 wins, 6 losses and 1 draw recorded, with 384 points scored for and 278 points against.

One of the reasons we are all here is to develop players and help them achieve higher honours, this year the following players did so -

Māori All Blacks: Shaun Stevenson

North Harbour NPC:
Danny Drake
Hone Haerewa
Luteru Tolai
Nick Mayhew
Shaun Stevenson
Tim Sail

Hawkes Bay RU:
Gene Syminton

Ngati Porou East Coast RU:
Joe Wadman

Poverty Bay RU:
Moragn Reedy

North Harbour Development:
Arthur Allen
Aston Pickens
Jayden Masters
Ryan Kennedy
Mike Noble Coach

North Harbour Emerging Players:
Brook Robson
Rory Taylor

During the season, 43 players wore the Premier jersey for the Club, with 19 playing their first game for the Premier team. Playing their first game this season were: Micah Aish, Arthur Allen, Kees Burgess, Jon Elrick, Hone Haewera, Jameson Martin, Conor Morley, Ezekiel Natanielu, Mike Noble, Morgan Reedy, Brook Robson, Cian Romanie, Adam Simpson, Ethan Sipkes, Gene Syminton, Dylan van Dieman, Semisi Vukikomoala, Bryce Wainhouse, Tim Webster-Vidiri.

Also, during the season, Joe Wadman and Patrick Barlow won a blazer with 40 games, and Joshua Cooke achieved 100 games. The team was captained by Tim Sail.

Finally, the 2022 team would like to thank the Club, in particular, Cat, for her support and all the club members and family who are there for the team.


  • Accolades
  • Most Improved ForwardMicah Aish
  • Most Improved BackDylan Chesney

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